Yamatsu Tsujita Shichimi Togarashi


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While this shichimi togarashi packs a punch thanks to the use of Japan’s Takanotsume (“Hawk’s Claw”) peppers, it is also well balanced with sesame, sansho and dried yuzu peel. Use this seven spice mix to add some zing to any meat dish, miso soup or whatever you want to spice up. Somehow the flavor is simultaneously present and elusive, almost as if Spring was distilled and combined with fiery chile.

Fourth generation owner Tsujita-san is passionate about his spices and has gone so far as to single-handedly save the cultivation of Japanese Takanotsume (Hawk’s Claw) chili. This chili is highlighted in his shichimi togarashi.

Ingredients: red chili pepper, golden sesame seeds, black sesame seeds, Japanese pepper (sansho), dried yuzu peel, poppy seeds, shiso

Favorite shichimi togarashi recipes:
Brindle Vegan Ramen with Fried Eggplant
Bon App├ętit Pork Sausage with Coconut-Chile Sauce and Lychees


Yamatsu Tsujita

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